LJWorld.com States lose track of some sex offenders

A sex offender who moved to California from Kansas never showed up as being registered in his new home state, according to an investigation by the Journal-World of Lawrence, Kansas. He was among 161 registered sex offenders who left Kansas since 2006 but never turned up on a registry in a new state because, once authorities in the new state are notified, it’s up to them or the offender to ensure registration occurs. - HTN Foundation

States lose track of some sex offenders

By Shaun Hittle
September 18, 2011

The state of Kansas and county sheriff’s offices keep pretty close tabs on the more than 4,500 registered sex offenders in Kansas. Only 8 percent of registered sex offenders currently are not complying with registration requirements, which include verifying home addresses four times a year.

But when a sex offender moves out of state, it’s a different story.

A Journal-World investigation identified 161 registered sex offenders who have moved out of Kansas since 2006, but who do not show up on offender registries in the states they moved to.