Everything Long beach, "Bill Allowing Counties to Collect Victims Restitution From Convicted Felons Pushed by Sen. Lieu"

2012-02-24 ·  By  Editor

Sen. Ted LieuCalifornia residents who have been victimized would find it easier to collect restitution from their convicted perpetrators under a bill announced today by Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance.

“Now that certain state prison inmates are held in local jails, county sheriffs need the authority to collect restitution from these offenders in order to help the victims of their crimes,” Sen. Ted W. Lieu said about the need for Senate Bill 1210. “Getting money from the bad guys to help the innocent is the least we can do to help victims recover.”

Under existing law, California crime victims have a constitutional right to be compensated for any losses caused by the person convicted of victimizing them. In order to help ensure this right, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation collects payments from inmates to provide restitution to California crime victims.

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