Sacto 9-1-1, "Failures in Garrido case blasted in new report"

Prosecutors have issued a report containing details of Phillip Garrido’s repeated parole violations that should have landed him back in jail—and saved Jaycee Dugard from years of captivity and abuse—but  were ignored by agents. DA Vern Pierson and State Sen. Ted Gaines plan to introduce legislation to change parole laws so that the initial crime can be considered in deciding whether an inmate should be paroled. - HTN Foundation

Failures in Garrido case blasted in new report

By Sam Stanton

In a blistering assessment of how badly officials bungled their oversight of rapist-kidnapper Phillip Garrido, El Dorado County prosecutors have compiled a list of dozens of instances for which his parole should have been revoked, many of them that would have saved Jaycee Lee Dugard from being abducted.

The 162-page report from El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson's office includes numerous federal and state documents that have previously surfaced since Dugard was rescued from 18 years of captivity in August 2009.

But it includes striking new details of Garrido's parole violations that should have - but did not - return him to prison, including:

• Efforts he made while working at a nursing home to get co-workers to help him buy drugs.

• Positive tests for drugs such as methamphetamine.

• Submitting watered down urine samples during drug testing.

• And wearing a fake penis and using warm Mountain Dew to fool one drug counselor during testing.