OC Register, "O.C. exit exam scores steadily climb"

About 88% of Orange County high school students passed the English and math exit exam in 2011—a 1% improvement in English and a 2% gain in the math section. Local scores have steadily improved since the test was introduced in 2004. Statewide, 83%passed the English section and 82% passed the math portion of the exit exam—a slight improvement over the prior year. Passing the exam is required for a high school diploma. - HTN Foundation

O.C. exit exam scores steadily climb

Aenah Ramones, left, and Tran Nguyen, students at Oxford Academy, head for lunch past a heart made from flyers announcing the school's Sadie Hawkins dance in this photo from the spring. Oxford ranked as the county's top school on High School Exit Exam scores released Wednesday. MICHAEL GOULDING, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTERBy FERMIN LEAL and SCOTT MARTINDALE


About 88 percent of Orange County students who took the state's high school exit exam for the first time in 2011 passed the English section of the test, and the same percent passed in math, according to figures released Wednesday.

Local scores on the exam, which is required for a high school diploma, improved slightly from the previous year when 87 percent of first-time test-takers passed in English and 86 percent passed in math.

State law sets the test as a graduation requirement, aiming to ensure students graduate with basic skills. Students take the test for the first time as sophomores, then up to six more times their junior and senior years if they fail either the math of English portion of the test.