OC Reg: "Governor's plea: Tax extensions will prop up K-12 schools"


An estimated $2 billion would be stripped from California public schools if the tax extensions championed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday during his State of the State address are not approved by California voters.

Brown has proposed a five-year extension of the income and sales taxes and vehicle license fees that were authorized by state lawmakers on a tentative basis in 2009. The tax extensions would raise an estimated $12 billion to help close the state's projected $25.4 billion budget deficit. The governor also has proposed $12.5 billion in cuts to state programs and services.

"When democratic ideals and calls for the right to vote are stirring the imagination of young people in Egypt and Tunisia and other parts of the world, we in California can't say now is the time to block a vote of the people," Brown said during his State of the State address, urging support for his tax-extension ballot initiative.



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