OC Register: "Report: reform 'deeply flawed state education funding system"


California's schools have survived billions in state cuts by relying heavily one-time federal aid, but will find themselves in serious trouble next year as the aid runs out, according to a new report from the Legislative Analyst's Office.

The report from the non-partisan state office says that while smaller changes can help in the short term, the entire system should be scrapped in favor of a more complete overhaul of the entire system, eliminating the 60 or so categorical funds that lock up funding for specific programs.

"As our office as argued in the past, the state's categorical program structure, as well as its broader K-12 finance system, is deeply, flawed," the report states.

First-grade teacher Elsa Lopez-Lievanos encourages students to use body language to express sounds during a reading class at Carl Harvey Elementary School in Santa Ana.

Ashley TemmComment