Visalia Times-Delta, "DA Phil Cline: More crime, more criminals, more cost"

Tulare County DA Phil Cline says he has created a new program to enable his office to comply with victims’ rights under Marsy’s Law as the impact of Gov. Jerry Brown’s new “realignment” plan is felt statewide. The DA says his new program will develop tools to analyze recidivism risk when deciding sentencing strategies. Under “realignment,” inmates began shifting from state prisons to county facilities on Oct. 1. - HTN Foundation

DA Phil Cline: More crime, more criminals, more cost

Viewpoint: Will the role of the District Attorney's Office change in response to realignment?

Cline: The primary role of the District Attorney's Office will not significantly change. We will still file and prosecute all felony cases and bring offenders to justice. However, we will now be responsible for conducting violation of parole hearings, a state responsibility before realignment. We are also committed to being the voice of victims during realignment. It is our goal to ensure their participation in all criminal proceedings that impact their lives. We also want to give voice to the police officers who must do the difficult and dangerous work of apprehending criminals and gathering the evidence necessary to hold them accountable in a court of law. Their opinion counts when consideration is being given to releasing the criminal they apprehended.

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