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Illinois' Lobby Day, March 8th, 2012
Sen. Heather Steans (D-7th) spoke Thursday to supporters of “Marsy’s Law for Illinois” (HJRCA 29), a constitutional amendment that would make crime victims’ rights enforceable. The Illinois state constitution currently guarantees crime victims and their families rights such as protection from the accused and timely notification of court proceedings, but victims who believe their rights have been violated cannot petition a court to have them enforced.
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The Daily Record (Ohio), "Bill would require victims be informed"
Under newly introduced Ohio legislation, prosecutors would be required to inform crime victims and their families in advance of perpetrators' parole hearings. Senate Bill 160, known as Roberta's Law, in memory of a young girl who was raped and stabbed to death, would require notification regardless of whether they are requested, which is what current law requires. The notification would have to take place 60 days before the hearing. - HTN Foundation
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