SignOn San Diego: "Bill seeks more notice for commutation attempts"


SAN DIEGO — The parents of a slain 22-year-old man said Thursday that they hope legislation to require prisoners to notify prosecutors and victims when applying for a commutation from the governor will spare other families from experiencing their unique pain.

“Nobody else has walked in our shoes in a case exactly like this one,” said Kathy Santos, whose son, Luis, was fatally stabbed through the heart during a 2008 brawl on the campus of San Diego State University.

Esteban Núñez, one of two men who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the case, had his 16-year prison term cut by more than half, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger commuted the sentence to seven years on his last day in office. Local prosecutors have said they are unaware of any other case in which a defendant who entered a plea agreement later had his sentence reduced by commutation.

kathy_fred_santos-marsy's_law_crime_victims_united_lawsuit-SchwarzeneggerKathy and Fred Santos, the parents of slain student Luis Santos, attend a press conference announcing proposed legislation that would bring transparency to any California governor's applications to commute prison sentences. One of their son's killers had his sentenced reduced from 16 years to seven by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.