"Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith of Chapman University to Speak at Nicholas Academic Centers' "Visiting Scholar Series"

ORANGE, Calif., Jan 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nobel laureate Vernon L. Smith, Ph.D., and his colleague, Bart Wilson, Ph.D., of Chapman University's Economic Science Institute will be the first speakers in the 2011 segment of the Nicholas Academic Centers' "Visiting Scholar Series" on Saturday, January 29 (from 9 a.m.

to noon in the Centers' Annex at 313 North Birch Street, 2nd floor, in downtown Santa Ana). The series is designed to introduce high school students from underserved communities in Santa Ana to a college academic environment, while strengthening ties with highly respected local universities.

Dr. Smith, known as the "founding father of economic science," will discuss the basic tenets of the discipline he founded and for which he was awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics. Economic science -- also known as experimental economics -- uses laboratory experiments to research why markets and other exchange systems work the way they do. Dr. Wilson will assist Dr. Smith in carrying out sample experiments with the students, using the Economic Science Institute's portable laboratory.


Ashley TemmComment