Retired judge to head new tutoring center

Judge Jack Mandel spent 10 years tutoring high school students – some of whom will help with the project.


SANTA ANA For Jack Mandel, success in life for anyone begins with a solid education.

That's why the retired juvenile court judge spent 10 years sitting in a corner of the Santa Ana High School library telling students why they belong in college.

He would push them in their studies, point them toward scholarships, and even call university presidents to tell them why they needed to accept his students.

Counselors, teachers and parents have credited Mandel with helping dozens of Santa Ana teens land in four-year schools.

So when Broadcom co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III needed someone to run a new tutoring and mentoring center in Santa Ana, Mandel seemed like the perfect fit.

Nicholas announcedthis weekthat he will give $500,000 annually to Mandel to open and operate the Nicholas Academic Center.

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Ashley Temm