Investing in People and their Future

The Henry T. Nicholas, III Foundation was created in 2006 with the vision of enabling and assisting communities and individuals to reach their highest potential. The Foundation is dedicated to improving lives through investment in Education, Youth Sports, Technology, Science, Medical Research, Victim's Rights, and National Defense.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided more than $2.7 million to numerous public charities and non-profit organizations engaged in helping people build better lives for themselves and their neighbors.

The theme that unites the Foundation's various efforts into a single mission is investing in people and their futures:

  • Grants are provided to help young people build strong educational and athletic foundations that will lead to healthy, productive and successful lives as adults.
  • Advancement in science, technology and medicine is supported because these fields are the key to future health and prosperity for people and communities.
  • Aid and support is provided to help violent crime victims and their families, and to assist the heroes who defend our nation and their families, because without safety and security there is no future.

If your organization is engaged in any of these areas and in advancing the cause of the future, please visit our grant application page or contact us directly.