Valley News: "Oldest untried murder case in western Riverside County to get under way"

RIVERSIDE - Arguments are scheduled tomorrow over when to begin impaneling a jury to hear evidence in the oldest untried murder case in western Riverside County.

Leroy "Tiger" Gutierrez, 35, and Ezekiel "Butch" Perez, 26, could face the death penalty if convicted of gunning down 27-year-old Oscar Carrillo on Oct. 1, 2003.

Both defendants were arrested shortly after the attack.

They have changed attorneys more than once and been granted repeated continuances each time their trial dates approached.

Their legal representatives will be seeking another postponement tomorrow. However, according to District Attorney's Office spokesman John Hall, prosecutor Ambrosio Rodriguez is expected to make a strenuous objection to any further delays.

Rodriguez will have the support of Carrillo's family members, who are slated to address Superior Court Judge Michele Levine, exercising their rights under "Marsy's Law," a voter-approved initiative that assures victims' families have a say in criminal proceedings.