The Final Visiting Scholars Series Lecture of the School Year Promises to Leave a Lasting Impression

May 07, 2012

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The Nicholas Academic Centers' "Chapman University Visiting Scholar Series" returns on Saturday, May 12th. The lecture, titled “Impressions Count:  Business & Professional Skills for Your College Career and Beyond,” is the last Chapman lecture of the season.
What does it mean to “communicate”?  Is it giving a speech?  Chatting with a friend?  Using Facebook?  Is “communication” more than just talking and listening?  Are great communicators born or made?  Why do most people take this enormously important capability for granted?  This workshop will explore the critical role and meaning of communicating with others in our everyday lives.  We will place a special focus on how competent communication can serve you as a student and beyond, in business and the professions through the development of skills such as:
- Interpersonal communication
- Interviewing
- Presentational speaking
- Using social media, appropriately and effectively
- The effective presentation of self in college application essays, visits, and interviews

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