On the Road Again: The Jamie Oliver Big Rig Hits the Road to Teach Healthy Nutrition

The Big Rig has its last Food Revolution class with NAC students focusing on healthy eating habits.

April 16, 2012

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While all good things must come to an end, in this case the classes offered on the Big Rig, a mobile cooking and nutrition school funded by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and The California Endowment, it’s comforting to know that the healthy Food Revolution has made a positive impact in the lives of Santa Ana students and other community members.
For the final class, Food Revolution Chef, Henry Perez, reviewed information covered in previous classes, such as limiting sugar intake (5-8 teaspoons per day) and sodium intake (2300 milligrams, or 1 teaspoon per day), choosing whole grains over refined grains, and avoiding hydrogenated oils (found in many fast foods and products like Crisco); he then introduced the day’s dish, “Chicken Enchiladas with Red Chile Sauce,” a new take on an old favorite, like always, Jamie Oliver style.
According to the recipe notes, Jamie intended to “pump up the flavors without going overboard on all the naughty stuff.” After breaking into groups and making the enchiladas, NAC students agree, mission accomplished. The class also made a healthy homemade drink, Jamaica, to compliment the dish. In addition, one important point Chef Henry Perez made was to remember to slow down when eating, which allows the body to register the amount of incoming food, minimizing hunger and controlling the portion size we think we want. It also increases the chance of spending quality time with others while eating.

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