OC Register: "Two 1970s killers delay their parole hearings"

By Larry Welborn

Two killers who terrorized Orange County in 1977 when they teamed up as teenagers to commit random murders have postponed their parole-suitability hearings slated for later this year.

Brett Matthew Paul Thomas, 51, and crime partner Mark Titch, 50, together committed four murders during a nine-day crime spree. They were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after seven years – both have been turned down for parole several times.

They were scheduled for their next parole hearings this spring but opted to delay rather than risk a potential rejection of parole for up to 15 years.

During a nine-day span in January 1977, Mark Titch and Brett Matthew Paul Thomas embarked on a horrific robbery, burglary rampage that escalated into one of Orange County's deadliest killing sprees.>>FULL STORY<<