LA Times, "Serial killer to face charges in 5 deaths in Southern California"

Longtime victims’ rights advocates Jack and Genelle Reilly have succeeded in their tireless efforts to obtain the extradition from Illinois of a convicted serial killer accused of murdering their daughter, Robbin Brandley, in Orange County in 1986. The Reilleys argued their right under Marsy's Law to have Andrew Urdiales extradicted to California, despite his serving a life sentence for three murders in Illinois. - HTN Foundation

Serial killer to face charges in 5 deaths in Southern California

— Abby Sewell

andrew urdiales, murder victim robbin brandley. Brandley's parents jack and genelle reilly successfully won extradition to california under marsy's law.Andrew Urdiales, Robbin Brandley

A serial killer convicted of slaying three women in Illinois is being extradited to California to face charges that he killed five Southern California women as well.

Andrew Urdiales, 47, is accused of killing women in Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties from 1986 to 1995, but the cases will be consolidated and tried in Orange County.

Prosecutors could seek the death penalty.

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