From Santa Ana to Georgetown with Class of 2010 NAC Alum Mariana Hernandez


June 04, 2012

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NAC Alum Mariana HernandezSince the doors of NAC I opened in 2008, many students have passed through its halls. They come from different backgrounds and join for different reasons, but they are united in their purpose – their desire to overcome the odds and make college a reality. Most NAC students juggle an incredible amount of responsibilities and make sacrifices daily in pursuit of their educational goals. One such student, NAC alum Mariana Hernandez, did just that while earning the title of Valedictorian of Santa Ana High School in 2010. She managed to balance her class schedule with sports (Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Track and Field), clubs (MESA Club President, Mui Alpha Theta Match Society President, Go-Green Recycling Club President, California Scholastic Federation Vice President, Freshmen Mentor Program member, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes member), and afterschool programs (Nicholas Academic Centers, of course). Mariana’s hard work paid off when she gained admission to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. What she has done at Georgetown is no less impressive than what she did during her time at the NAC.

NAC: When did you join the NAC?
Mariana: I joined the NAC several months after it opened. I can’t recall when exactly, but I have been a part of the NAC family for a while! I joined because my best friend Karla, who was one of the first students on opening day, dragged me to the NAC, and I thank her every time I can for doing that! Usually at the NAC, I would spend about 2-3 hours when I was a sophomore, but, during my junior and senior year, I would spend about 4 to 5 hours at the NAC. I was always on the very last van ride or sometimes my friends had to drive me home because we would stay longer for extra Calculus help with Danny, or of course who can forget those long SAT prep nights? I had to go to NAC II to take them because I played sports, so sometimes I would get home at 9pm!
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