Fifth Annual NAC Thanksgiving Dinner Celebrates Santa Ana Student Revitalization


(Excerpt from the official press release): SANTA ANA, CA. – NOV. 22– The Nicholas Academic Centers (NAC) held their fifth annual Thanksgiving dinner event last Friday with more than 450 inner-city high school students and their families, celebrating the impressive academic success achieved by NAC participants.
"We have top-ranked, major universities beating down our doors to court our students," said Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) Co-Founder and former CEO Henry T. Nicholas, III, Ph.D., who founded the NAC in 2008 with retired Superior Court Judge Jack Mandel.  "For those of you who are first generation college students, I admire the bravery it takes to be that path-breaker."
Nicholas, who will match a portion of the funds, added, "You guys are on track to earn $2 million in scholarships, and I will be writing a check at the end of the year for an additional $1 million."

Ashley Temm