ABC/KGO-TV, "Victim's rights groups get thousands from inmates"

Marsy's Law expands the rights of crime victims in California to restitution, adding to the impact of restitution laws already on the books. One law passed in 1990 requires inmates to turn over 20% of the money they earn at prison jobs to victims of crime. After paying the restitution, the remainder of their earnings goes to community organizations. This year, prisoners earning minimum wage assembling medical supplies at San Quentin State Prison collected $38,000 in restitution payments, which meant that seven victims' rights organizations each received checks of $4,500. - HTN Foundation

Victim's rights groups get thousands from inmates

SAN QUENTIN, Calif. (KGO) -- Several victim's rights organizations received checks for thousands of dollars Monday straight from the paychecks of inmates.

he prisoners earn minimum wage assembling medical supplies at San Quentin State Prison. A law passed by voters in 1990 requires that 20 percent of their salaries be given to victims of crime. Once the inmate pays restitution, the excess goes to community organizations.

"It has to be used for direct services to crime victims, things such as emergency shelter, food, transportation," explained Chris Jacobs with the Prison Industry Authority.

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