OC Register: Selfless giver - that's Frank

A good Christmas, no doubt, for Henry Nicholas. The stock-options case has been dismissed, and I'm guessing the drug case will follow. Time for me to quickly ingratiate myself with my new favorite billionaire.

I'd noticed when I was at his Santa Ana tutoring centers that they'd hung the pennants of the colleges his former students were attending. Well, all but one, San Diego State. Mayra Orozco, a Valley High grad, entered this fall. So I had the SDSU bookstore ship me two spectacular red-and-black pennants. Earlier this week, I played Santa.

The Nicholas Academic Center at Valley High was closed for the break, but the Fourth Street center was in the middle of a party when I arrived. Academic Director Rosa Elena Diaz was making Christmas ornaments with the kids, and founder Jack Mandel was finishing up a plate of tamales. The former judge smiled as he pulled the absurdly expensive pieces of felt from the box I presented.

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Ashley Temm